• Tukan 8k with controlling device
    Tukan 8k with controlling device


Multi-Channel Pulse Amplitude Analyzer TUKAN 8k is a computer controlled device for running qualitative and quantitative measurements and analysis of impulse spectra obtained from different types of  ionized radiation detectors. The analyzer can operate in two modes: amplitude analyze (MCA Multi-Channel Analyzer) and time scaling (MCS Multi-Channel Scaling).

Typical applications:

- detection and quantitative calculation of radioactive pollution
- spectroscopy measurements in scientific experiments
- student`s nuclear laboratories
- time monitoring of ionized radiation (MCS mode)


The Tukan 8k analyzer consists of two parts: the analyzer and the sophisticated software installed in the PC.


Analyzer actually produced is delivered in stand-alone version equipped in USB interface.


Installation of the device is easy and intuitive. Program installation process is typical for Windows operating system. The analyzer can be delivered to our clients by courier or by post. Installation is performed by client itself. Assistance of producer service is not necessary. Technical support of the device and free of charge help during installation and attendance of the program is guaranteed. The software is permanently developed and newer versions are available for a free download at our site. At the same place, the program demo version is also available.